Goal Setting Booklet For 2023

Hi Friends,

It is that time of year when many of us think about Reviewing our year and setting new Goals.

Since Christmas, I have been reviewing my year and goals and dreaming of what I want 2023 to look like. I have drawn many conclusions about myself and what I need to change personally and in other areas of my life.

I have been a bit ruthless or call it realistic about what I can and can’t do, where I waste my time, and what matters to me. What I need to slow down on and what I need to spend more time on.

Updated PDF’s

Whilst doing this activity, I updated my Eight questions to review your year booklet, I have created a video of the question with some worked examples to help you all. This can be accessed here.

I also updated my Goal Setting booklet in a major way this year. I do update it a bit every year, but this year it has had quite a change. I have also created a video to help you think about Goal Setting and share how I do it. I am not saying my way is the best, I am just offering you an alternative.

To Conclude

I am excited to share both The Goal Setting – MTO Method and Review Your Year booklets and Youtube videos with you via my blog and my YouTube channel and would love to know what you think of them. I am still new to YouTube. Everything is free.

The MTO Goal Setting method is not mine. But, it is a fantastic way to ensure you achieve your goals.

Watch Goal Setting Video

If the video can’t be seen through this blog post, you can.

Download Goal Setting PDF

Note: All the PDFs are free.

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The MTO method is not mine, and the credit goes fully to whoever created it, which was not me.

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