Happy New Year – Reflecting on 2022 – Plans for 2023

A New Year Wish

Wishing you all A Happy New year. May 2023 be a wonderful, healthy, peaceful and prosperous year for you. Thank you so much for your support and lovely comments on the blog, my social media channels, and my newsletter.

Thank you to those who have been following me since 2016, those who have joined after that, and those who have found my blog and chosen to follow it in the last few days. I hope my blog continues to be of interest and help to you.

Reflecting on 2022 and Plans for 2023 Quarter 1

The last few days of 2022 are upon us. I have been reflecting deeply on 2022 and attempting to plan for 2023.

I have achieved and grown a lot in 2022. I unintentionally went off the grid for about seven or eight months (especially in blogging, social media etc.), but it was much needed and did me a world of good. That time not blogging was spent on reading, reflecting, doing home projects, and dealing with the health issues of a loved one.

Walking into 2023

I am walking into 2023 with the health issues of a loved one still ongoing.

I have many ideas for Goals that I want to achieve ln 2023. I am still working on which goals I want to focus on, and I am using my much-loved Goal Setting – MTO method.

My biggest issue is that I want to do TOO MUCH. I have had the same problem every year. Historically I was able to juggle it all, but not now.

Plans for Quarter 1 2023

It is Friday, 30th December 2022, and it has taken me a week of “sitting on it” to take the plunge to declare that I will be taking a blogging break from now until 8th February 2023.

On Christmas day, or two days before, my heart and gut told me to sit down and meditate, make my stage, do inner work and become still for January 2023. Make January your foundation month for the rest of 2023.

I also want to use my blogging break to focus on a few small projects. I will still be popping into WordPress, returning comments and reading your blogs, but it will be extremely ad hoc.

I look forward to connecting with you all in Mid February 2023 and sharing my blog posts with you all.

See you in February and adhoc-ily in between.

Thank you for all your love and support. Bella – aka http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com

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47 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Reflecting on 2022 – Plans for 2023

  1. Best of luck to all your good plans for the new year. We all need a blogging break at some point of the year. It rejuvenates and inspires us with new ideas when we take a pause. Good for you taking a long digital break. I know how freeing that can be and what I enjoy about taking a long break away and minimal digital contact. Enjoy your break and see you back in spring. Happy New Year. xx


    1. Thank you Michael, wishing you and yours a wonder new year too. Thank you for always reblogging my post. Just to let you know I am taking a blogging break from now until 8th Feb 2023. All the best, regards bella


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