Online Creative Newsletter #1 2023 Out Now

Hi Friends,

I am happy to announce that my first Online Creative Newsletter for 2023 was just sent to everyone on my newsletter – happy reading, and I really hope you enjoy it.


  • Scheduling Posts on Social Media for Free
  • My Experiments with Earning Money From Writing!

How you can use native and non-native tools free of charge to create a social media presence, even when you are not present.

A great tool that allows you to earn money from writing.

To those not subscribed to my Free Newsletters, you can subscribe here. If You subscribe by 5th Apil 2023, I will make sure that you get this newsletter so you too can benefit. But you have to ensure you pick which newsletter you want. To get this one, subscribe to ‘online creative’. If you want ‘both’, then subscribe to ‘both’. But, if you only pick ‘positivity’ as your newsletter then you won’t get this newsletter. All my newsletters are FREE.

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45 thoughts on “Online Creative Newsletter #1 2023 Out Now

  1. wow clicked to read Bella, far too technical for me but glad you’ve found a way to earn! If that’s what you got for your initial efforts it can only grow 🙂 congrats, love to you and Mum

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      1. ouch doubt I’ll ever get there but I just started to inspire a friend whose had her own channel for 4 years, made dozens of instructional DIY videos and not posted a single thing yet! I had no idea it was so much fun so I’m continuing 🙂

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      1. I’ve got a very basic phone and my camera has nowhere to plug a mic into 😦 I can talk into it and it’s audible if the wind and waves are behaving.

        No, I mean in a studio like setting where I have time and space to add my own poem or meditation. Not about to carry them about on my travels just in case I take a video … Mac did come with an inbuilt editor which my tech friends deleted as I ‘was never going to make videos’ … “never” is not a good word!

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      2. they all charge a lot here, my tech helpers are remote 😦 I’ll keep trying!

        A bit like my conundrum about having a car I could attach a mountain bike to. Keen to ride but my car is economical and reliable so I can’t be bothered swapping it out just to carry a bike … and believe me I’ve tried everything!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading so quickly and supporting my newsletter.

      I shared a lot. Happy to hear / read any feedback you have. And if you want me to go further into anything – in next newsletter.

      Thank you always.

      Your newsletter is great too. I love how you wrote your post inviting others to join.

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      1. It is my pleasure truly ()

        I just began this year – and have no idea what pace I can sustain. I am following my joy and inspiration – and still getting comfortable with Mailchimp. It is good to have your eyes on it.

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      2. Best way by inspiration. I am keeping mine light and a gentle pace too. Happy to answer questions you have on mailchimp if I can. They recently changed the editor, which I think is a lot better. And I love that I can two different emails newsletter on one list.

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      3. Ah ok I have been using the classic one still. I will try the new editor now that you say it is better. 2 different newsletter on one list – something I don’t know yet – will figure out when I need it I guess 🙂
        Thank you – I will reach out with questions surely.

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      4. I used Aerial too, just didn’t change the size. I realized that I checked the Test email on my laptop and it looked fine. But it is very tiny to read on the phone – that’s where I checked after your message – so definitely will correct that.

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