Frozen Rose — A Poem

Crushed Into A Thousand Pieces Lost Forever.

A frozen Red Rose
Photo by Maximilian Zahn on Unsplash

A blaze with imagery and words,
keeping me awake at night,
too sleepy to note them down,
vivid they are, they’ll keep for the morrow.

I Awake
from a blissful sleep,
renewed and refreshed.
A brand new day.
No recollection of yestereve.

A memory slowly,
to a realisation,
hands across my eyes,
Oh, I sigh.

The memory is there,
like a frozen rose,
If left to warm, naturally, it may release.
If forced,
crushed into a thousand pieces.
Lost and never to be found again.

A Note On This Poem.

Far too often, I have a million thoughts at night and fail to write them down, thinking they will stay with me. Sometimes, I remember, but sometimes it’s lost. I know I should text to speech it on my phone; at least it will not be lost.

© 2023 Bella of Thoughtsnlifeblog 5.4.23

note originally written on 1.3.23


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25 thoughts on “Frozen Rose — A Poem

  1. lovely poem and I can relate to your sentiments! I keep pen and paper handy, switch on the lamp and note them down … I find I sleep much deeper then coz they’ve stopped buzzing 🙂

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