Eclectic Rejuvenation

Most of you who have been following me for some time know that my frequency of blogging has slowed down due to life (you can read more here).

Taking things slowly has really helped me to create the space I need to look after the life stuff. I don’t think I realised how much I needed to slow down. I am not doing anything extra special, just living a new different normal.

I find myself wanting to go back to basics. That is, being a carefree child. Being content with little and easygoing. Learning to go with the flow, even if the flow is against my grain. Learning to be content even though the situation is like pulling teeth. Just being, being calm, being peaceful. Reflecting and seeing the beauty and benefit of all the difficult things.


Today’s post is an eclectic collection of my favourite tools – that inspire and rejuvenate the Soul. A

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Table Of Contents
  3. Quote
  4. Meditations
    1. Meditation on Creating A New Story – By Release Your Wings YouTube Channel
    2. Meditation – Letting Go Of Stress – Created by myself on My Youtube Channel
  5. We Are The Flowers Of This Earth


Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.  – Oscar Wilde

It is so important to be us, to be me. There is no such thing as perfect. We are all unique, and that is how the world is meant to be. No-one is better or inferior to me. We all have a right to be us. We are all unique beautiful flowers singing our own fragrant tune.


The contemplation, the words we feed our Soul, the tune we play in our minds, impacts how we handle life, and see life. We can always change the tune if the tune is wrong.

Meditation on Creating A New Story – By Release Your Wings YouTube Channel

Meditation – Letting Go Of Stress – Created by myself on My Youtube Channel

The poem below was written by myself for

We Are The Flowers Of This Earth

We are all flowers in the garden of this earth
Here to share our colour, fragrance, and our beauty.
We might be bold, bright and big.
We might be delicate, bright and small.
We may be fragrance-full hidden behind a bold flower;
our delicate blooms obscured, our fragrance filling the air,
but we can’t be seen.
We are all flowers in the garden of this earth.
Our simple reason to exist is to share our beauty, colour and fragrance.

Written on © 2023 Bella –


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31 thoughts on “Eclectic Rejuvenation

  1. taking time out, setting your own pace and not giving into those compulsions is such a healthy lifestyle!

    Watched your videos and clicked back … absolutely love your REALISTIC acrostic but for whatever reason I could not like or comment on your blog? Doing this on WP reader … have had this complication on too many blogs.

    take care of number one, go deeper and you will give me with less posts/videos 🙂

    love to you and Mum 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. many weird things happening … my most Precious Meditation Master was captured by impermanence a week ago … my wifi device also died today. A great time for purification 😦


  2. So good to read from you my friend. Taking space & slowing down has become my need and way of being too. I too discovered that I needed more than I thought I had. It gives us back so much. Much Love to you always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pragalbha, thank you for your support. Yes, I have slowed down to post only every other week on a wednesday on The space it so needed. Lovely to see you back here. Much love you to always, see you again shortly

      Liked by 1 person

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