Reading – A Poem

Insight and Healing

I am currently reading Mindsets by Carol S Dweck. I have a good few pages to go. I read slowly as it takes time to digest. This book is causing me a great deal of inner reflection, so I decided to write a poem about some of my inner aha’s.

This book talks about Fixed mindsets and Growth mindsets. It is an interesting book.

Reading — A Poem

Reading gives insight
and generate ideas

Reading develops
and provides answers

Reading leads to deep inner work
and a-ha moments

Reading can cause tears
as you realise
oh my
my life was even worse than I realised

Reading heals
the hurt
we did not know
we had.

Reading fills up our cup
so that it runs over
leaving us feeling full
no longer empty.

Reading makes us strong
leaves us empowered
Ready to take on the world.

Where I am in the book, an example shows how school teachers with fixed mindsets will predict our future based on what we were like when we were at school and proudly say we won’t amount to anything. A growth mindset teacher would say there is no way of predicting our future.

Too many of us have had teachers brand us as not good enough and hurt our little hearts at such a tender age. We may have moved on and forgotten about it, but there are occasions those words we heard as little ones — rear their ugly head and make us sabotage an element of our current life.

© 2023

Originally written for for The Power Of Poetry Publication on 20th April 2023

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21 thoughts on “Reading – A Poem

  1. Reading is pretty amazing when you think about. Our brains can generate all these thoughts and pictures we wouldn’t otherwise have, all just based on black and white symbols on a piece of paper.

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