Because There Was A Miracle

Fear we may
but courage, we must
there is no time to dilly-dally
no time for can I do this
only I must do this
time is of the essence
no time for fear
no time to be paralysed by what-if
Just do
Just go with the flow
and do
trust God will guide
trust you can handle it
trust it will all work out for the best
trust all the way
trust that you are fortunate
trust your faith
trust yourself
God will and does always take care of you
Trust, even in hardship, there is a benefit.
Faith, Trust and Positivity
will let you ride the stormy seas of life.

You are not allowed to stay
I will stay until you kick me out of the Emergency Unit

Then I will stay outside in the hospital
Either of us feels comfortable with me going home at this time alone
I won’t go home until the morning
So you can find me outside, still in the hospital.
I said humbly, naively, and sincerely that this was my intention
Ready to be kicked out and wait outside.

The Emergency unit was quiet
They pulled up a more comfy chair
I spent the night alongside Mum
well, it wasn’t sleep for Mum or I
rather a long-haul flight
prayers each second
make it right
make it right
Take care of us
Take care of us
but we were together
quietly comfortable in each other presence.

Exhausted, confused, relieved
too tired to think
we returned home
awaiting outpatients follow up
or will I have to start chasing to ensure it has been done?

Baby, step by baby step, we navigate.
courage alongside fear and worry
a new drug, with even more care to be taken
staying cheery, forced at times
but important to believe
The power of God and we Souls to work miracles
Because there was a miracle
and fortunate we are
Thank you, my dear sweet God,
Father, for taking care of us always.
Because there was a miracle
What could have been huge
was reduced
Thank you. Our sweet God
Thank you to the medical teams
Thanks to our fortune.

Fear we may
but courage, we must
as we venture on to the next chapter
I pray I get it right
He will guide me
I must never let go of his hand
You’re not alone — God is with you

The background to this story/poem is on Sunday, 7th May 2023, my mother had a mini-stroke, which resolved itself at home, but not fully. We ended up in a London hospital at 0:02 am on Monday, 8th May 2023, lucky no stroke damage (well, an MRI was not done because mum has a pacemaker). Another heart condition was found. Follow-ups are to be done in outpatient settings (and maybe MRI).

This story doesn’t capture all the emotions and feelings of the events at home or hospital, but some of them. The ambulance team and the evening doctor’s nurses were great. The day shift was okay too.

© 2023


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12 thoughts on “Because There Was A Miracle

  1. so sorry you had to experience this, and so grateful that you both made it through!

    Your Mother’s life is fragile Bella but you know she will move on one day, take care precious as I know you two are so close 🙂

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