A Dabble in Drabble!

A Dabble in Drabble, So most of you know that I am essentially a non-fiction, self-help, positive thinking, meditation sharer type of writer.    I don’t classify myself as a writer at all.  Sometimes, I wonder why I started this blog at all as I am a terrible writer. Anyway, I had the pleasure of reading … Continue reading A Dabble in Drabble!

Boatman of Life

Boatman of Life When the boat and the Boatman are strong, even storms become a gift - Brahma Kumaris What does this slogan mean to you?   What do you have to do in your life to ensure, that you as the boatman are strong, and that the boat of your life is strong, and … Continue reading Boatman of Life

Meditation Commentary – Peaceful Transitions

  Dear Friends,  It is Wednesday, meditation commentary day here on my blog.   Today I share another commentary from release your wings youtube channel.  I specifically share meditations created by students if Raja Yoga Meditation. Thus is a beautiful meditation that connects us to I the Soul and the Divine, that makes us cool and … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Peaceful Transitions

Are you full or Empty?

With a feeling of wholeness we are complete, kind , caring, giving, loving, compassionate and altruistic .  With a feeling of emptiness we are either, fearful, jealous, revengful, selfish , or cruel. Material things can not make us complete, whole or full.  The question is, do you know yourself enough to know what it is … Continue reading Are you full or Empty?

Let Us Be Inspired by Tony Robbins on Focus

This is a brillant video from a youtuber.  What we focus on and how we focus impacts everything in our life.  Our thoughts impact our life. Be inspired and enjoy it.   Be safe in the snow if you have had snow. https://youtu.be/XFkEmlaTxxA


Dear Friends ,  Sorry I am a bit late in posting this Friday's quotes.  I am still recovering from being unwell, but I returned to work this week and I was so exhausted yesterday and today.   Anyway. ....here the quotes are, as always which one is your favourite  

Blessing For Today

Blessings are a positive statement.  A statement of intent,  intent to become that blessing.  That is, to bring forth change in ourself to become better.  A blessing is a gift to forefill our growth potential.   So, I hope you enjoy and become todays blessing "Because you have the courage to face yourself, you have the … Continue reading Blessing For Today