Meditation Commentary – Healing Pain

Here is this weeks Meditation Commentary.   We are all filled with a lot pain, we may not admit it to ourself. Sometimes, it is the most courageous step we can take to healing ourself, is to recognise that deep pain.  Meditation, linking with I the soul and the Supreme Soul, allows the supreme to … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Healing Pain

It is a New Day – A New Chapter -A New Beginning

It is a New Day - A New Chapter -  A New Beginning Treat each day as New day.   A shiny new toy to be explored.  Never to be bored of! A new day , a new chapter, to grow , to explore , to be the best I can be. Let yesterday be yesterday, … Continue reading It is a New Day – A New Chapter -A New Beginning

Thought for Today

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Not taking the time or making the effort to improve our character, our manners, our morals or our ethics. Is the biggest INSULT we give to OUR SELF. Everyday we should become a better person than yesterday. That is mindfulness and self respect, which automatically leads to respect for humanity and … Continue reading Thought for Today

Meditation Commentary – Detached Observer

Here is this weekly Meditation Commentary.  Self-awareness, by being a detached observer allows you to connect with your true self and it allows you to see what you can not see when you are too close to the scenes of your life.  Silence allows us to see what we can't see, heal what needs to … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Detached Observer

Instruments Of Peace on the Anniversary of 9/11

Today, September 11, is an anniversary of the terrible acts in 2001. No matter how bad the actions of others, we must never let go of our beauty, our peace, or giving peace to the world.  As Gandhi says"  An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind".   Always be sending love, light … Continue reading Instruments Of Peace on the Anniversary of 9/11

What is ThoughtsnLifeBlog About?

What is ThoughtsnLifeBlog About? Just a little post about me,  why I blog, my current schedule, and my social media links. Started blogging  in March 2016 was created two year and five months ago by me - aka -Bella. Thank You So I wanted to say THANK YOU to my followers new and old … Continue reading What is ThoughtsnLifeBlog About?

Blogging Tips

I am always looking for inspiration on blogging and writing.   I came across this youtube video and I liked it even though it is a year old,  and I wanted to share with you all. So my lessons and improvements for myself are:- Research alternative view points and acknowledge them. This one is in … Continue reading Blogging Tips

Blogging Etiquette

Dear Friends, this is a repost of an old blog post.  I am republishing it as I have a lot of new followers who are very new to blogging.   To you I say, this post are my personal views.  I urge you to research more about blogging and the rules and there are some … Continue reading Blogging Etiquette

Thoughts For Today

Dear Friends,  I am blogging on a non blogging day.   I ran out of sleep at 2.30am.  I was reading blog post of my new followers, which resulted me in reposting a stack of old post on blogging and about what my blog is about, because so many new followers are new to blogging … Continue reading Thoughts For Today

13 Blogging tips For New bloggers

Written by a fellow blogger these tips are use to new bloggers and great reminders to seasoned bloggers.  Enjoy , reading by clicking on the link.   via 13 Free Blogging Tips For Every New Blogger