Quotes… What is Important…?

Dear Friend and Quote lovers, I think the most important quality or aim in life is to be one with a good a noble character.  Coupled with character, we should dream to be the best and keep the company of those that bring out the best in us.  So when pain does strike we never … Continue reading Quotes… What is Important…?

Meditation Commentary – Peace

Hello Friends, Meditation Lovers, or Meditation Beginners. Welcome to Wednesday Meditation Commentary on my Blog.  I share meditations weekly and you are warmly invited to practise the meditation shared for a week, until the next one is shared. The Meditaiton I share can be found on Youtube, I have shared it before, it has a … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Peace

Kindness – A True Heart – A Meditation

Kindness Kindness is being benevolent to myself and others. Kindness is wisdom. Kindness is loving. Kindness is magnanimous. Kindness is altruistic. I express kindness when I am WHOLE. When my glass runs over with sheer goodness. I express kindness when I am full of goodness.   When I connect with the Divine and imbibe his goodness, … Continue reading Kindness – A True Heart – A Meditation

Quotes #24, 2017

Dear Quotes lovers and Friends, So here goes the most random selection of quotes.  Do comment below which one is your favourite. Thank you for stopping by.   © 2017 thoughtsnlifeblog

Meditation Commentary – Into the Soul

A Meditation that allow you to go into you the Soul, the spirit, into you.   We are still, we are being, we are light, we are more than this body.  Silence is our home and our strenght.   Observe, be, see, but stay rooted to your silence, to you the Soul.     Be you in this world, … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Into the Soul

10 Native American Commandments – Unknown Author

I found this somewhere on the internet and it is so right, it talks about God, Karma, Kindness, Respect and How to be a Good Human being.  It talks about giving your time to other and the welfare of others, and being charitable.  It makes you live in the world, not just in your life … Continue reading 10 Native American Commandments – Unknown Author

Quotes #23, 2017 – Happiness

Dear Friends and Quote Lovers, So now, I think my life will be returning some normality, and that means quotes can return to http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com on weekly basis every Friday (Previously, every Saturday). I thought I would choose quotes around Happiness.  It is important to have focus, and Happiness is a good topic to quote about😆. Happiness … Continue reading Quotes #23, 2017 – Happiness