21 Days Of Self-Mastery 2023 (Days 8 to 14 )

Self-Mastery is self-analysis, asking myself do I need to get stressed about this? Does getting stressed help me? Does it make the problem easier to handle or worse? Self-Mastery is knowing that when I get worried and stressed about something, this approach is only going to make it worse. Slowing down, breathing, and becoming CalmContinue reading “21 Days Of Self-Mastery 2023 (Days 8 to 14 )”

21 Days Of Self-Mastery 2023 (Days 1 to 7 )

Self-Mastery – mastering my life so that I can stay peaceful, calm and strong as life tests me. Self-Mastery the art of being me in the most beautiful way. Living the highs and lows of life. Building habits to stay positive inside out, come what may. Creating calmness in my life. Letting go and sendingContinue reading “21 Days Of Self-Mastery 2023 (Days 1 to 7 )”

Because There Was A Miracle

Fear we maybut courage, we mustthere is no time to dilly-dallyno time for can I do thisonly I must do thistime is of the essenceno time for fearno time to be paralysed by what-ifJust doJust go with the flowand dotrust God will guidetrust you can handle ittrust it will all work out for the besttrustContinue reading “Because There Was A Miracle”

Reading – A Poem

Insight and Healing I am currently reading Mindsets by Carol S Dweck. I have a good few pages to go. I read slowly as it takes time to digest. This book is causing me a great deal of inner reflection, so I decided to write a poem about some of my inner aha’s. This book talksContinue reading “Reading – A Poem”