Instruments of Peace

Lord Make us Instruments of Your Peace Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. I am always drawn to this song, which is actually a Prayer – A Prayer of Peace by St. Francis of Assisi. It is beautiful and I just had to share.   When words are beautiful, one go past the divisions ofContinue reading “Instruments of Peace”

Merry Christmas

Dear Friends,  Christmas is almost upon us. It is time to take time out just to be. WIshing you and your families a healthy and safe Christmas. Lots of Love bella – aka – I hope you enjoy this song. Our thoughts make us happy or sad – our thoughts are in our hands,Continue reading “Merry Christmas”


Just a little meditation or mantra, to help us when it all feels too much. I created this randomly today, with no real plan to create anything in a video format. I hope you enjoy the words and the video below. BreatheInhaleExhaleBreatheRepeat as many times as needed.Life can be so very hard.So very frustrating.So veryContinue reading “Breathe”

Goal Setting

I have spent the last two weeks reviewing my life, blog, and where I want to go. I have spent a bit of Sat, Sun and Monday brainstorming and putting down goals. I don’t make 5-year goals. I make annual goals that might take x years to get done. I like to work in threeContinue reading “Goal Setting”

Let’s Review Our Year and Dream a New life

We can change things we don’t like, we can become wise and not repeat the mistake again, and we can pat ourselves on the back and acknowledge how much we have achieved. Some of Our achievements will be what we had planned to achieve, but, some of our achievements will be dealing with the unplanned.Continue reading “Let’s Review Our Year and Dream a New life”