Are We attached to pain and hurt?

Pain will always come. We just need to understand, that it doesn’t need to become a life ĺong friend. Let go of the clutter, the pain. Forgive, accept and let go. Pain doesn’t need to be your best friend, honestly. So what if they are cruel, rude or what..why does it matter to you?Continue reading “Are We attached to pain and hurt?”

Monday Positivity and Affirmations

Daily affirmations repeated help you to achieve, motivate you and manifest what it is you want in life. They help with anxiety, the feeling of overwhelm and over thinking. They reset your mind. They also help you break any negative thinking you have going in your conscious or subconscious mind. Get into the practise ofContinue reading “Monday Positivity and Affirmations”

Accordance with Nature

A few thoughts/poems inspired by Dr Wayne Dyer. Life has a flow. Nature has a flow. The chapters of our life have a flow. When we swim against the flow, it is always very difficult. Accept the life. Bend and flow. With Grace and Dignity Harmony and Balance will unfold With easy and lightness NotContinue reading “Accordance with Nature”