Eclectic Rejuvenation

Most of you who have been following me for some time know that my frequency of blogging has slowed down due to life (you can read more here). Taking things slowly has really helped me to create the space I need to look after the life stuff. I don’t think I realised how much IContinue reading “Eclectic Rejuvenation”

Frozen Rose — A Poem

Crushed Into A Thousand Pieces Lost Forever. A blaze with imagery and words,keeping me awake at night,too sleepy to note them down,vivid they are, they’ll keep for the morrow. I Awakefrom a blissful sleep,renewed and refreshed.A brand new day.No recollection of yestereve. A memory slowly,emerges,to a realisation,hands across my eyes,Oh, I sigh. The memory isContinue reading “Frozen Rose — A Poem”

Online Creative Newsletter #1 2023 Out Now

Hi Friends, I am happy to announce that my first Online Creative Newsletter for 2023 was just sent to everyone on my newsletter – happy reading, and I really hope you enjoy it. Topics How you can use native and non-native tools free of charge to create a social media presence, even when you areContinue reading “Online Creative Newsletter #1 2023 Out Now”

Happy Mother’s Day 2023

To our Mothers, Grandmothers, Our Women Carers.To those who play both roles, a Mother and Father, or a Father and Mother. You are boldYou are braveYou can multitask like no otherYou tolerateYou adjustYou flex, they bendYou sacrificeYou do so much.Forever giving,hardly takingalways thereDependable to no end.A hug that melts away any pain,that dries up anyContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day 2023”