Internation Women’s Day 2023

If you want to find out more about IWD 2023 click here International Womens Day 2023 – A Poem Yet In 2023  there is still a divide an inequality we are NOT allowed to go to school or have a career to aspire to be something to dream to walk freely to be fly andContinue reading “Internation Women’s Day 2023”

Sacred – A Poem

You can hear me read the poem – click here to listen. A Warm Embrace.. Sacred Sacred is the heart the mindthe Soulspecial and delicate Sacred, Pure and Clean Do not Letthem be tarnished by pain and hurtnew or old Let goLet goLet go Sacred is your heartYour SoulPrecious like Gold Do not Letthem be tarnishedby painContinue reading “Sacred – A Poem”

A Poem on Peace of Mind

We are what we think. If we ‘change our thoughts, we change our lives.’What better way to do this than to surround ourselves with uplifting words and imagery. That touches us deeply and inspires us. To cultivate, grow, and nurture ourselves in a way that nothing can stop us from being Peaceful. Peace of MindContinue reading “A Poem on Peace of Mind”

My Goals and Vision for 2023

Two weeks ago, I wrote about preparing to come back to blogging today, 8th February 2023. One of the biggest Goals I have for my Blog is I want to produce much better quality blog posts. So today, Going to share with you my Goals and Vision for 2023 for my Blog, Newsletter and YouTubeContinue reading “My Goals and Vision for 2023”