Disappointed, Make an Appointment with Peace. (A Poem)

There is to much in life to be disappointed about May be just let it be May be just let it be May be choose to be free Free Bloom like the flower in the rain Cry through your pain Don’t faint Paint a new life, a new thought Make an appointment to create aContinue reading “Disappointed, Make an Appointment with Peace. (A Poem)”

How to Create a Link in Bio Page on WordPress.com

You want a single page with all your social media links, blog, and newsletter links. But you don’t want yet another website to manage this. The good news you can do all of this on WordPress.com! Yeah. I have created a quick video on this. I hope you find it useful. Do let me knowContinue reading “How to Create a Link in Bio Page on WordPress.com”

Exercise for Beginners

Exercise we all know is good for us. Some of us love it, some of us have the Discipline to do it, some of us hate it. Which ever way we feel about exercise, it is important for:- Health Management of many health conditions, like diabetes and even heart issues. But please speak to aContinue reading “Exercise for Beginners”

Quote of The Day – Authenticity

I am currently reading “How To Write Non-Fiction” by Joanna Penn, and she shared this quote. In this chapter, she shares that authors should have a boundary regarding how much of their private life they share. She says to share, be authentic, be genuine but don’t share everything. I am drawn to this quote asContinue reading “Quote of The Day – Authenticity”

You Can Face Anything.

Life is one big test paper. Not a test paper to fail. But a test paper to pass. Sometimes, things feel impossible. Sometimes we feel like we have made a mistake. And sometimes we feel, we are never going to resolve or get to the bottom of this. We get hopeless and want to giveContinue reading “You Can Face Anything.”

Ek Tu Hi Bharosa – Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar 1929 – 2022 Lata Mangeshkar sang about 30,000 songs over 7.5 decades. She passed away just a few months ago on Sunday 6th Feb 2022. I thought I would share this song. The one with English translation is below, but it is a cover not sung by Lataji. It is a Prayer thatContinue reading “Ek Tu Hi Bharosa – Lata Mangeshkar”