Instruments of Peace — A Prayer by St. Francis of Assisi.

I am always drawn to this song, which is actually a Prayer – A Prayer of Peace by St. Francis of Assisi. We pray, pray, pray🙏 Lyrics of the prayer————————————-Lord, Make us instruments of your peace,Where there is hatred, let your love increaseLord, make us instruments of your peace,Walls of pride and prejudice shall ceaseWhenContinue reading “Instruments of Peace — A Prayer by St. Francis of Assisi.”

I Refuse to be Disturbed – I Promise to Keep my Peace

I refuse to be disturbed or unhappy because of the bad intentions or bad vibes of others. Their opinion is theirs and they are entitled to it. It is not the way I see things or see myself. I promise to myself to keep my peace. I let go immediately of any pain. I haveContinue reading “I Refuse to be Disturbed – I Promise to Keep my Peace”

Resillience. – A guided Meditation

Solitude helps build up resilience. True resillience means to face challenges without being jaded by them. We are reborn through life challenges. Solitude helps us face challenges with wisdom, peace, power and stamina. Inner stamina through a daily practise of meditation you can develop resilience… I hope that this meditation helps you face the challengesContinue reading “Resillience. – A guided Meditation”

What is it I am trying to write?

I cannot FlyBut I can Try Each baby step takes me closerand closer to somethingIt inspires and creates hope and excitement within It is scary and encouraging.Confusing and overwhelming.Rewarding and playful. I feel nervousWill it deliverI get confused. Can I deliver? What is it I am trying to write?What is it I am trying toContinue reading “What is it I am trying to write?”