Phenomenal Women

Phenomenal Women a Poem – by Maya Angelou 1928–2014 Maya Angelou’s poetry is so fierce and bold, it breaks the stereotypes of women the world holds. She has written and spoken her poetry. When you hear her recite, or read the word; the tears that we shed as women stop in their tracks, and stirContinue reading “Phenomenal Women”

Lata Mangeshkar 1929 -2022

*The featured image is from Google’s Image section, and the copyright seems to belong to Lata Mangeshkar – the Nightingale of India, the most famous Bollywood Playback singer passed away Sunday 6th Feb 2022. Born 28 September 1929, she had just turned 92. She sang for 7 and half decades or so. It isContinue reading “Lata Mangeshkar 1929 -2022”

Newsletter #2 2022 is Out

I was asked by a few of you who subscribe to my newsletter to go into more details of my three-day mediation and digital detox experience. So Newsletter #2 2022 is all about those three days. You can click on the image below to read. And if you want to subscribe to the newsletter clickContinue reading “Newsletter #2 2022 is Out”

How to Link A specific blog post to your Instagram Stories

In quarter 3 2021, Instagram finally created a facility that allows us to link a specific blog post to an Instagram Story, taking away the need for us to have 10k followers on Instagram to do this. I have created a short video on how you can do this. This video assumes you know somethingContinue reading “How to Link A specific blog post to your Instagram Stories”

January 2022 Newsletter is out

To those who are subscribed to the free newsletter is out for you to read – check your email boxes. In today’s Newsletter, I talk about My crazy January A reflection of a three-day digital detox and an attempt of 8 hours of meditation for three days A reflection by Quotes:    by Desmond Tutu and Thích NhấtContinue reading “January 2022 Newsletter is out”

Meditation Wednesday – A Commentary on The Swings of Happiness

Whenever we sit on a swing, we are sent automatically to our childhood, where we were carefree, joyful, giddy with happiness and giggles, not a care in the world—lost in going as high as we can, jumping off in mid-swing, swinging standing up, or twisting ourselves round and round. Eventually, it is time to goContinue reading “Meditation Wednesday – A Commentary on The Swings of Happiness”