Ways to Read The Blogs You follow on WordPress.com

There are 3 main ways you can read a new blog posts from a blogger you follow on WordPress.com as a WordPress.com blogger yourself Email The WordPress.com Reader or By Notification. I have tried all three of these. I started by email and it was fun and enjoyable, and I was able to be keepContinue reading “Ways to Read The Blogs You follow on WordPress.com”

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King. In history we are blessed by such great people. Who’s wisdom is as valuable today as it was when it was first said. Time has moved on, yet in the world some sort of oppression remain. It is so sad. Let us be the light to drive out the darkness, of thoughts.Continue reading “Martin Luther King”

Meditation Wednesday – A Commentary – On Peace

Meditation helps us re-discover our self and our inner peace. Sitting in silence helps us hear the voice that is trying to help us. Flowers radiate their beauty and share their perfume with the world peacefully and elegantly.  They do this not show the world, look how beautiful I am, they do this just because. Continue reading “Meditation Wednesday – A Commentary – On Peace”

You are becoming the song of your heart.

My wish to you all; is to become the song of your heart, regardless of the obstacles in life. See them as stepping stones; become the beautiful flower, the beautiful song of your life. Be beautiful. Become the song of your heart. Blossom into you. How beautiful you are. How beautiful you are. Make yourContinue reading “You are becoming the song of your heart.”

Happy New Year to You

Wishing you all a beautiful 2022 filled with all things good and great. Thank you all for your love and support. Wishing you and your families a very happy new year. Stay safe and well. Happy, healthy and prosperous. Get up when you fall, smile and always fill your cup with goodness to keep youContinue reading “Happy New Year to You”

2022 A Promise to Myself.

I write this little poem of thoughts to myself, a wish, a promise to myself. I walk into 2022 with a lot of unknowns, and stress. I will not be able to manage life if I am not calm and easy. I NEED to be calm, I need to promise myself… a few things. IContinue reading “2022 A Promise to Myself.”