Preparing to Come Back After My Break

Hello Friends,

Belated Happy New Year to all of you. In my last post of 30th December 2022, I announced I was taking a blogging break to slow down, meditate more, and focus on a few small projects. 

As I prepare to return from my blogging break on 8th February 2023. I have achieved many small projects around the house, completed one of two courses I brought a year ago (I am on my way to completing the second by 8th Feb 2023), and, I was able to cross off a few online projects from my to-do list.   

What have I achieved online?

I updated my blog’s look and feel – that is, Colours and Fonts

Home Page – updated

Blog Page – Updated

About page – Updated

I decided to divide my Newsletter into two parts with different posting schedules

  • I updated my Newsletter page on the blog, as well as Mailchimp. 
  • I sent a Mailchimp survey out on the 9th Jan 2023 – asking those who are subscribed to let me know which newsletter they wanted, the Positivity, the Online Creative, or Both. Not everyone responded, so most will get both because that is what the Newsletter was before.
  • I am in the process of drafting the Positivity Newsletter – to publish it at the end of Jan 2023 – you have time to subscribe if you are interested – it will come to your email inbox


  • I have decided to use YouTube as my Podcast, Audio Visual platform.
  • Some of you who have been following me for some time know that I did try podcasting on Soundcloud.
  • I personally love to listen whilst doing specific tasks (i.e. cleaning, driving, ironing, etc.), and Youtube is my go-to.
  • I will be doing more YouTube/Podcasts in 2023, and some of them will appear on the blog, and some will remain on YouTube (please follow me on YouTube) 

Housekeeping of my blog:

I deleted many old posts – but I still have much more to delete and tidy up. I started blogging quite clueless, and I experimented a lot, and in those experiments, there are a few things lurking in my blog that need to be deleted.

I kept reading and commenting on your blogs as much as possible.

I took a break from almost all of my social media channels in terms of me creating content for them. I still haven’t figured out a social media publishing schedule.

I was meditating and reading more.   

Life has a way of happening.

It got busy with the passing away of a family friend – and it was totally out of the blue. No illness whatsoever. An utter shock – utter shock! I still can’t believe it. We have now lost a total of three people, two in the family who were ill and one friend who was fit and healthy.

On a personal note, we have our health issues and dealing with operations gone wrong. Life! Otherwise mum and I are good

Thoughts for 2023

One thing that seems to be clearer and clearer is that I cannot live the life I used to. I can’t plan the way I used to.  

I need to Be Flexible, accepting, adjusting, slow, balanced, and Create SPACE. Learn to dance the dance of life and squeeze in my Dreams and Goals as and when possible. But I can’t plan or work/produce to the level I did before. I hear the term ‘pivoting’ a lot these days. And that is where I find myself on a constant pivot, only partially able to make a fixed plan. On the 8th of February 2023, I will maybe discuss this a bit more – If I have more clarity.

This post was just a quickish Hello, to say I am preparing to come back to blogging, albeit slowly, and to give an update on some of the goings on in my life. See you on the 8th Feb 2023 with more of an update

How Was my Break?

Life is something, and it will do things that throw curve balls in the way. But, It is all about adjusting, accepting, and going with the flow. Or even understanding the flow, or the plan I want maybe isn’t the right one for me.

The time spent in silence, not blogging and just being, has given me clarity – though I am still unclear on how to take my blog forward. But I am clear on a lot of things. As ironic as that sounds. I have been able to appreciate how much I have learnt and grown through blogging, and all my experiments have really taught me a lot. And it was good I did what I did because I can stand back and say, okay, yes, I will carry that forward, no I won’t carry that forward.

The break has made me a bit stronger. And has made me realise I need to take breaks more often and review my life more frequently to pivot and adjust course. I thought I had accepted my life properly, but I realised I had not totally, and I was battling with that a bit. I touch on this a bit in the newsletter – I might go into details in future newsletters, or I might not – I still haven’t figured it out in my own head.

I am very happy I took the break and took time to tidy up my blog, do more on Youtube and do the courses I brought a year ago! Long overdue.

All in all, the break has been brilliant and much-needed. Though I almost said, no I won’t take a break. It was the best decision I took. Read this Post to find out more about my decision to take a break.

I will see you on the 8th Feb 2023 with more updates.

In the Meantime

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Thank you

Thank you for reading this far, and I hope that 2023 will be a good year for your and your family. And that I will be able to produce good and useful content for you in 2023. Thank you Love Bella

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Happy New Year – Reflecting on 2022 – Plans for 2023

A New Year Wish

Wishing you all A Happy New year. May 2023 be a wonderful, healthy, peaceful and prosperous year for you. Thank you so much for your support and lovely comments on the blog, my social media channels, and my newsletter.

Thank you to those who have been following me since 2016, those who have joined after that, and those who have found my blog and chosen to follow it in the last few days. I hope my blog continues to be of interest and help to you.

Reflecting on 2022 and Plans for 2023 Quarter 1

The last few days of 2022 are upon us. I have been reflecting deeply on 2022 and attempting to plan for 2023.

I have achieved and grown a lot in 2022. I unintentionally went off the grid for about seven or eight months (especially in blogging, social media etc.), but it was much needed and did me a world of good. That time not blogging was spent on reading, reflecting, doing home projects, and dealing with the health issues of a loved one.

Walking into 2023

I am walking into 2023 with the health issues of a loved one still ongoing.

I have many ideas for Goals that I want to achieve ln 2023. I am still working on which goals I want to focus on, and I am using my much-loved Goal Setting – MTO method.

My biggest issue is that I want to do TOO MUCH. I have had the same problem every year. Historically I was able to juggle it all, but not now.

Plans for Quarter 1 2023

It is Friday, 30th December 2022, and it has taken me a week of “sitting on it” to take the plunge to declare that I will be taking a blogging break from now until 8th February 2023.

On Christmas day, or two days before, my heart and gut told me to sit down and meditate, make my stage, do inner work and become still for January 2023. Make January your foundation month for the rest of 2023.

I also want to use my blogging break to focus on a few small projects. I will still be popping into WordPress, returning comments and reading your blogs, but it will be extremely ad hoc.

I look forward to connecting with you all in Mid February 2023 and sharing my blog posts with you all.

See you in February and adhoc-ily in between.

Thank you for all your love and support. Bella – aka

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Goal Setting Booklet For 2023

Hi Friends,

It is that time of year when many of us think about Reviewing our year and setting new Goals.

Since Christmas, I have been reviewing my year and goals and dreaming of what I want 2023 to look like. I have drawn many conclusions about myself and what I need to change personally and in other areas of my life.

I have been a bit ruthless or call it realistic about what I can and can’t do, where I waste my time, and what matters to me. What I need to slow down on and what I need to spend more time on.

Updated PDF’s

Whilst doing this activity, I updated my Eight questions to review your year booklet, I have created a video of the question with some worked examples to help you all. This can be accessed here.

I also updated my Goal Setting booklet in a major way this year. I do update it a bit every year, but this year it has had quite a change. I have also created a video to help you think about Goal Setting and share how I do it. I am not saying my way is the best, I am just offering you an alternative.

To Conclude

I am excited to share both The Goal Setting – MTO Method and Review Your Year booklets and Youtube videos with you via my blog and my YouTube channel and would love to know what you think of them. I am still new to YouTube. Everything is free.

The MTO Goal Setting method is not mine. But, it is a fantastic way to ensure you achieve your goals.

Watch Goal Setting Video

If the video can’t be seen through this blog post, you can.

Download Goal Setting PDF

Note: All the PDFs are free.

© 2022

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The MTO method is not mine, and the credit goes fully to whoever created it, which was not me.

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New Year Planning: Reflecting on 2022

I love to reflect on the year and see how much I have grown and changed. Also, it is an excellent time to reflect on life and things that didn’t go well. Even when things don’t go well, there is always something to learn. Even if the year has been tough, it is good to acknowledge the toughness and record how well you coped – because you did.

I have created a YouTube video walking through eight questions to help you review the year. Click here if you can’t watch below

I also updated my Review booklet this year, and I include the PDF below.

Download the Review Booklet here

You can flip through the booklet here, and you can download it for free below. And if you want to support my blog, you can make a small contribution – thank you in advance

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Note: I have offered this pdf free most years; last year, I only offered it as apaid version, it is now back to free, and it’s up to you if you want to buy me a coffee.

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