Successful – Really?

We are all trying to achieve something or the other.  Often, we are multi-tasking what we want to achieve with all the roles we play.   Often it is hard and we want to give up.     Then we remember! Try, try and try again, if it doesn’t work out then […]

Need a Vacation

“My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from ”   Rob Hill SR What a wonderful quote?  What a wonderful thought?  Do you feel inspired that you can achieve this ?   Why do we go on vacation?  What is it that we want to relax from […]

Create a New Perspective

We tend to read books that align with our thoughts and feelings.   Sometimes, we should read a different book that we may not pick up, watch a different TV program.   In this way we are able to create a new perspective, or open ourselves up to some new thinking, or […]