One Year Old Today & Thank You

7th March 2016 the journey began on  Actually, the journey began on 15th July  2015 on a similarly named site on a platform that was not fit for blogging. The word press  journey, In March I posted only 5 posts, then in April another 5 more,  I was warming up slowly.   Well, quittingContinue reading “One Year Old Today & Thank You”

Writing Inspiration – J.K. Rowling

Dear Friends, I wanted to share something different today.  My blog is about ‘thoughts’ and how what we think and how we think makes us happy and sad.   This post is a little different.  As bloggers and writers, we go through phases of ups and down. Well, I certainly do, and therefore I thought itContinue reading “Writing Inspiration – J.K. Rowling”

Thought for Today = #1

Dear Friends,   One of my New Year Goals, aims or resolutions was to start to using the Canva tool more.  It is a free tool to help create images.  Well, it is free depending on what you choose.   Anyway,  my first Canva Experiment is below.  All of 5 minutes, because I accidently picked image thatContinue reading “Thought for Today = #1”

Be Inspired – Quotes #7

Be the change you want to see in the world  – Gandhi.   It all starts with us, us individuals.  Let us be inspired to be the best, to do the best, to make ourselves better and  lead by example, to be future thinking ,  to be an example of the best – and may beContinue reading “Be Inspired – Quotes #7”

Twitter – How to be social with out killing yourself!

So in yesterday blog post was a simple thank you to all your wonderful souls out there, simply sharing my journey and the chaos of that journey. Or one could say the  Randomness of the journey,  oh lets try this, oh lets try that, oh but I don’t want to spend money.  It is aContinue reading “Twitter – How to be social with out killing yourself!”