August Newsletter is Available.

Our Free August Newsletter is out. It is the only the second one,as I only started in July 2021. I hope those who have subscribed enjoy it. In the Newsletter we discuss Mailchimp, blogging, and more. Also, bear with me as I find my feet with Mailchimp. Many have joined to support me. Many haveContinue reading “August Newsletter is Available.”

Why do you need a Separate email list (Mailchimp)?

Why do users need a separate email list? In 2018 I did a series on Blogging and Blogging terminology. One of the posts was on MailChimp. I did some research at the time and concluded that as a blogger, I don’t need to have a separate email list such as MailChimp because IContinue reading “Why do you need a Separate email list (Mailchimp)?”

How to Schedule Blog Post on Your Facebook Page for Free.

Why would you want to Schedule Post on blog’s Facebook Page? We may have written a post months, or years ago that is evergreen and useful, that we want to share again. We can Repost it on our blog and have it feed directly onto our Facebook page. Or you can just share it onContinue reading “How to Schedule Blog Post on Your Facebook Page for Free.”