Meditation Commentary – Getting out of the Cage

We are more than this body, we are Soul ,Spirit. We are free. We are the driver of this body. We are Souls. A point of light. The master of this body. This body is a vehicle of the Soul. When the body ceases, I the Soul remain. I am a point of light. IContinue reading “Meditation Commentary – Getting out of the Cage”

A Meditation After a Hard Day

There are days we come home shattered, and exhausted. Too tired to eat, too tired to meditate. But, that is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. No matter what the day is like or how tired we feel we must eat, we must meditate only then will we find energy and strength. SoContinue reading “A Meditation After a Hard Day”


Just a little meditation or mantra, to help us when it all feels too much. I created this randomly today, with no real plan to create anything in a video format. I hope you enjoy the words and the video below. BreatheInhaleExhaleBreatheRepeat as many times as needed.Life can be so very hard.So very frustrating.So veryContinue reading “Breathe”

A Guided Meditation – Being Gentle on Yourself.

Here is a meditation commentary, from the release your wings YouTube channel. These are not my creation. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for small mistakes. Be kind, be gentle with yourself. Learn, improve, and don’t get stuck. Stop, be Silent every day, once or twice, to meditate. See the calmness return. SeeContinue reading “A Guided Meditation – Being Gentle on Yourself.”