Restored and Refreshed – Meditation Commentary

Hi Friends,Welcome to our Weekly Meditation at To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t know how I would function in life without meditation and spirituality. I would feel I was running on empty all the time. Daily spiritual classes, reading, meditation, and the implementation of the classes into one’s life, is a magicContinue reading “Restored and Refreshed – Meditation Commentary”

The One Who Understands the Language of Silence (Hindi Song – English Subtitles)

Title of Song: Moun ki Bhasa Jo Samajhe In silence, there is happiness. In Silence, God talks to us and fills us with blissful peace and inner strength. We are Souls, points of light, and our home is the world of peace, a land of pure silence. We Souls are eternal, and we have thisContinue reading “The One Who Understands the Language of Silence (Hindi Song – English Subtitles)”

Wednesday Meditation -Clarity of The Mind

Like the clear blue waters, clarity of mind is a cool and calming embrace. Clarity of the mind, helps us tap into the deep wisdom that is within us. Clarity helps us discern and make better decisions. Deliberately, slowing down our thoughts, and changing our thought patterns during the day will help us be moreContinue reading “Wednesday Meditation -Clarity of The Mind”

Meditation Wednesday – The Healer

We all have wounds inside that need healing. Solitude is the best Healer. A still space. In this space learn to forget, forget the world, the heaviness of your own body, forget all the situation, and just move into being a Soul, being light. I hope you enjoy this Meditation from Release Your Wings youtubeContinue reading “Meditation Wednesday – The Healer”

Resillience. – A guided Meditation

Solitude helps build up resilience. True resillience means to face challenges without being jaded by them. We are reborn through life challenges. Solitude helps us face challenges with wisdom, peace, power and stamina. Inner stamina through a daily practise of meditation you can develop resilience… I hope that this meditation helps you face the challengesContinue reading “Resillience. – A guided Meditation”