A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 9

Be gentle with yourself. Don’t beat yourself for small mistakes. Be kind, be gentle on yourself. Learn, improve, and don’t get stuck. Stop, be Silent everyday, once or twice to meditate. See the calmness return. See the wisdom shine. Hear your intuition and the voice of God guiding you. I hope you enjoy this meditation.Continue reading “A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 9”

A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 8

We are more than this body, we are Soul, Spirit. We are the driver of this body. We are Soul. A point of light. The master of this body. This body is a vehicle of the Soul. When the body ceases, I the Soul remain. I am a point of light. I can heal thisContinue reading “A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 8”

A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 7

When the world becomes dark and situations become challenging, I can always bring positivity to those situations… Meditation heals, repairs and encourages us to be good.  It makes us strong to be true to ourselves and win over all the negativity in life.   It gives us the strength to face all difficult situations.  ItContinue reading “A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 7”

A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 6

Here is this week’s meditation. I hope that it helps you face the challenges of life easily. I do recommend that you hear and practice this meditation frequently daily or weekly, as it will help you past anything that is difficult in your life.