Update: January 2017 Progress and Inspiration

Just after Christmas I  wrote an post on ‘ “How Strong is Your Inner Foundation”, where I set out that I would be doing a particular  meditation commentary twice a day, and I invited you to join me (read the post).   Some of you have joined me and have found the benefits of the meditation.Continue reading “Update: January 2017 Progress and Inspiration”

Don’t Let Negativity Rule You!

To go into despair, is easy. To wish life was different, is easy. To be negative, is easy. To give up, is easy. To be lazy, is easy. To live with no aim, is easy. To blame, is easy. To Judge, is easy. To take responsibility, is hard! To take ownership of my life, isContinue reading “Don’t Let Negativity Rule You!”

Useful Websites for Meditation

January is a foundation month for the rest of the year.  But, any month, day or week can be start to laying a new foundation in our lives.   How Strong is Your Inner Foundation? .   To increase my foundation I am  practicing the meditation below daily  in the morning and evening.  If you wouldContinue reading “Useful Websites for Meditation”

BLOGMAS – Song to Meditate With

Songs to Meditate with. There is a  list of songs that I listen to or meditate  with.  These songs are mainly produced and sung by those practicing Raja  Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris. I have created a Song  page to be front and center on my blog and not be lost in aContinue reading “BLOGMAS – Song to Meditate With”