Be Present Today and Everyday by Having a Strong Morning Routine

Questions How do you use your Time ? What is the motivation to get up in the morning? Why do we keep snoozing ? Procrastination !  Are we wasting our life away ? Answers:  For you to find out by asking yourself the questiona and …….. How we use each and every second of ourContinue reading “Be Present Today and Everyday by Having a Strong Morning Routine”

Instruments of Peace

Lord Make us Instruments of Your Peace I accidentally found this beautiful song, which is actually a Prayer – A Prayer of Peace by St. Francis of Assisi. It is beautiful and I just had to share.   When words are beautiful, one go past the divisions of countries , religions, and of race/casts. Can youContinue reading “Instruments of Peace”


Tolerance A fruit tree is shaken by the wind or stones are thrown at it – what does the tree do ?  It gives it fruit generously. Tolerance is peaceful coexistence. When I have compassion, love, wisdom , understanding and experience I can be Tolerant. When my soul is filled with peace and silence, thenContinue reading “Tolerance”