Instruments of Peace

Lord Make us Instruments of Your Peace I accidentally found this beautiful song, which is actually a Prayer – A Prayer of Peace by St. Francis of Assisi. It is beautiful and I just had to share.   When words are beautiful, one go past the divisions of countries , religions, and of race/casts. Can youContinue reading “Instruments of Peace”


Tolerance A fruit tree is shaken by the wind or stones are thrown at it – what does the tree do ?  It gives it fruit generously. Tolerance is peaceful coexistence. When I have compassion, love, wisdom , understanding and experience I can be Tolerant. When my soul is filled with peace and silence, thenContinue reading “Tolerance”

I have Nothing to Fear

I have nothing to Fear! Because my actions are clear and pure – I have nothing to fear. My heart is clean and pure  – I have nothing to fear. My intentions are noble and honest –  I have nothing to fear. I tried my best – I have nothing to fear. I am humbleContinue reading “I have Nothing to Fear”

The Power of Positive Words

Let me fill myself with all powerful words, let the words be  in my thoughts, words and actions constantly. Therefore, leaving no other options for my thoughts, words and action , no other option then to be positive!   Do the same with peace, love and purity- . Be the Change you want to see inContinue reading “The Power of Positive Words”

“Solitude – Peace- Joy “a Meditation.

I sit in solitude, so far away from the burden, the problems, the sorrow of this world. I experience Peace, Silence, Coolness. I feel weightless, free, I feel Joyful & Carefree I am a being of  Peace. I am a point of light, a Soul, in the middle of  this forehead. I am being ofContinue reading ““Solitude – Peace- Joy “a Meditation.”