Meditation Commentary – On Peace (Longer Meditation)

Linked below is an extremely powerful meditation on Peace by Sister Denise.  Sister Denise is a very power meditator.  This is my favourite meditation, it just takes you into peace. Meditation helps us re-discover our self and our inner peace.  Meditation is free from rituals and mantras. All the meditation I share have been created … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – On Peace (Longer Meditation)

Picking your Battles

Picking your Battles Actually, is there any point in battling at all? Water is poured on a fire, to put it out. So, then when you are in face of a verbal storm, then what is the ‘water’ you can use to put out the storm? Like a tree in a storm, it bends, it … Continue reading Picking your Battles

Meditation Commentary – Getting out of the Cage

The pain in our life, can trap us in a cage of negative thoughts.  As we look for a solution, the cage gets tighter and seems impossible to escape from. This is a beautiful meditation commentary, that I hope helps us release from the cage ... This meditation was created by Release Your Wings - … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Getting out of the Cage

Is Sin Such a Bad Word?

Is Sin Such a Bad Word? In all religions/beliefs there is the concept of good and bad. Sin, generally is taken by the individual to mean “I am bad”, which then hurts our feelings.  It can mean to some that I have sinned therefore I go to hell.  Or as children we have been made … Continue reading Is Sin Such a Bad Word?

Meditation Commentary – Parenting The Mind

Our minds can be beautiful and so fragile.   It is the mind that creates thoughts and therefore creating happiness or sadness.  Our mind is our child, we have to take care of it, nurture it and love it. The mind is a faculty of "I the Soul".   When our mind is out of balance … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Parenting The Mind

Horoscope /Numerology vs The Law of Attraction/Karma

Horoscope /Numerology vs The Law of Attraction/Karma   Once upon a time, years ago in my 20’s, I was all about Horoscopes. After learning about The ‘Law of Attraction’, and understanding and practising it, I without knowing it, forgot all about reading horoscopes.   The other day I was journaling and reflecting, how ridiculously I believed … Continue reading Horoscope /Numerology vs The Law of Attraction/Karma

Quotes 2018, 27

Here are this weeks quotes, enjoy.  

Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body

Meditation Commentary - Healing The Body Welcome to the weekly Meditation Commentary section of my blog. Meditation heals and repairs, not just the body but our emotions and pains.   I hope you enjoy this meditation commentary.  This meditation was created by Release Your Wings – YouTube Channel.  These, meditations are NOT created by myself. … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body

Believe In Yourself.

Believe In Yourself. Be content in your life only then will you be able to be happy. Be content in your life only then will you be able to handle the storms in your life. Learn to love yourself as you are today. Appreciate what you have achieved. Do NOT regret what has happened in … Continue reading Believe In Yourself.

Productivity – The ” To Do List”.

Productivity - The " To Do List". Last week I shared 3 Easy Productivity Tips - Read here. For me most of the time I can be highly motivated, but then there are times where I just go down some hole and become a bit relunctant,  lazy or fall into procrastination and things fall apart … Continue reading Productivity – The ” To Do List”.