Thought for Today – Be Kind To Yourself

Be kind to yourselfDon’t be too harsh on yourself.Show yourself some love.Show yourself some mercy.Show yourself some compassion.Just be.Just be.Just be that little person playing for ages with that non-toy, that just kept you engaged and engrossed for hours, days and weeks.Just be the little you, safe and sound, free and easy. Be kind toContinue reading “Thought for Today – Be Kind To Yourself”

Clarity of The Mind. Why, When, What and How to Journal.

Today, I thought  I would share my journaling story along with tips for anyone wanting to start to Journal. I am sure everyone journals in some way or form. There is no right or wrong way to journal it is what works for you.  Whatever, you do with your journal doesn’t matter. The power in journaling comes fromContinue reading “Clarity of The Mind. Why, When, What and How to Journal.”

Change the Way You THINK!

Change the way you think. Negative thinking is a habit and it can drive us mad. STOP and break the habit of negative thinking by using positive words and feelings. For example – “When you feel I Can’t REMEMBER”. Believe in yourself and say you CAN. Do NOT forget our thoughts and feeling are inContinue reading “Change the Way You THINK!”

Don’t Let Negativity Rule You! ** Repost **

  To go into despair, is easy. To wish life was different, is easy. To be negative, is easy. To give up, is easy. To be lazy, is easy. To live with no aim, is easy. To blame, is easy. To Judge, is easy. To take responsibility, is hard! To take ownership of my life,Continue reading “Don’t Let Negativity Rule You! ** Repost **”

Positive Self Talk – A Daily Confidence Booster

Start your day, your week, every hour with a positive thought, an affirmation. Take your daily supplement of vitamins in the form of positive, high energy, nurturing thoughts, words and feelings. Stop being stuck in overwhelm, lack, anxiety and fear. Transform negative self talk into positive. Make your self talk a positive habit. Banish negativityContinue reading “Positive Self Talk – A Daily Confidence Booster”

Affirmation, Intention, Law of Attraction

The Medication is the affirmation. The prescription is repeat 7 or 21 times in a row, 3 times a day (or at least once), for at least 21 days. Best results use a pen and paper. The affirmation is the intention and the repetition is the law of attraction. Good thoughts, positive thoughts will leadContinue reading “Affirmation, Intention, Law of Attraction”