Becoming You. LIVE to your fullest

Becoming you. Becoming me. Becoming the person you are today. Planting the seeds today to become what you will be tomorrow. From the day we are born, to going to school, to going to work, to….where we are now, we are always becoming.. To happy times, to sad times,  we are becoming. To the hardContinue reading “Becoming You. LIVE to your fullest”

Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

Don’t forget to love yourself. In times of great difficulty – don’t forget to love yourself. Don’t forget to say to yourself, you are doing your best. Everyone is finding it hard right now. Smile to yourself and strangers. A smile is a virtual hug. Don’t forget to love yourself and those you live with.Continue reading “Don’t Forget to Love Yourself”

Affirmations – The body reflects the thoughts I generate in my mind

Affirmations are away of making our mind stronger. They are away to visualize and manifest  health, wealth, and happiness in our life.     When  we write an affirmation and repeat it a several times, magic starts to happen. To repeat something  is to create a habit. When we think positively we create a good energy in ourContinue reading “Affirmations – The body reflects the thoughts I generate in my mind”

Thursday Affirmation

Thursday Affirmation What is an Affirmation? An Affirmation is a Positive statement that starts with ” I Am…”. An affirmation should not have any negative words in it, like Not, Don’t etc then the thought becomes fully positive, because it only contains positive words and emotions in it. When we use affirmations, we rewire ourContinue reading “Thursday Affirmation”

Thoughts on – Constant

I am dependable to myself and others.I am constant.I am resolute in my care and kindness.I am steadfast in my character.I am tenacious in achieving my goals.I am constant.I am real. Temporary goals or words never deceive me.I am discerning and wise.I am calm and tolerant.I am constant. I am bright and beautiful.I am wiseContinue reading “Thoughts on – Constant”