Monday Motivation-Picasso

Monday Motivation -Be a Picasso in whatever you do in your life. Have the grit to make it happen,in whatever role you play, from cleaner, housewife, executive, adminstrator, parent, retired, entreprenuer. Far too many of waste Mondays recovering from the weekend.  If you want to get somewhere, then every day counts and that includes Monday.Continue reading “Monday Motivation-Picasso”

Affirmations & Repetition – The Key to Confidence and Happiness

Affirmation are extremely powerful , especially when repeated.   I wrote this a while back ,  i hope you enjoy this repost.  Click on the link to read the sourse.Source: Affirmations & Repetition – The Key to Confidence and Happiness

Affirmation -I Am Strong, Humble and Peaceful

I am strong and humble. I am confident and wise. I am assertive and humble. I know to listen to my voice and others, but,  I also know when anothers thoughts aren’t in line with what I wish to represent. I am calm, confident, peaceful and whole.  I am good enough, wise enough and strongContinue reading “Affirmation -I Am Strong, Humble and Peaceful”

Quotes #17, 2017

Dear Friends and Quote Lovers, It is the weekend, not stating the obvious – huh!  What are your plans this weekend? I started early today, with a visit to the charity shop to do a declutter of stuff.  I have been decluttering for years and years, and probably for years to come.  I think lazinessContinue reading “Quotes #17, 2017”

Affirmations -All Is Well

Affirmations  – All Is Well. Affirmations help to manifest positivity into our lives and help us out negative feelings and moments when life seems too hard.  Time heals and no difficult can bring you down when you affirm daily.  Life becomes beautiful in the hardest of times.  So,  I would like to share this affirmationContinue reading “Affirmations -All Is Well”