Material Wealth and Inner Happiness. Is this a marriage that will last?

I sit, I ponder, I walk, I wonder. I wonder, I wonder, I wonder, what is it all about? I wonder, why I chase material wealth? Should I not be chasing and accumulating internal wealth? Wealth of character and integrity. We are immortal Souls/Spirit, whose natural nature is Peace, Love, Purity, Wisdom and Joy. WeContinue reading “Material Wealth and Inner Happiness. Is this a marriage that will last?”

Summary of This Weeks Posts- wk 3 2017

Dear Friends Week 3 of 2017 is almost over.  Does anyone feel as if January  2017 is speeding by? Anyway,  the point of this post is,  that I want to try something new!  That is,  on Saturday or Sunday I  want to post a summary of all the post for the week that has justContinue reading “Summary of This Weeks Posts- wk 3 2017”

Thoughts are Food for the Mind

Thoughts are the creations of the mind.  What we repeatedly think creates a habit.  What  we read feeds our mind and creates thoughts.  Thoughts are the food for the mind. So what habits are we creating with our thinking?  Is it that we constantly have good thoughts in our mind, are we constantly peaceful, are we constantly upset or are we inContinue reading “Thoughts are Food for the Mind”

Don’t Let Negativity Rule You!

To go into despair, is easy. To wish life was different, is easy. To be negative, is easy. To give up, is easy. To be lazy, is easy. To live with no aim, is easy. To blame, is easy. To Judge, is easy. To take responsibility, is hard! To take ownership of my life, isContinue reading “Don’t Let Negativity Rule You!”

Affirmations -The Mirror of My Mind

Affirmations are away of making our mind stronger. They are away to visualize and manifest  health, wealth, and happiness in our life.     When  we write an affirmation and repeat it a several times, magic starts to happen. To repeat something  is to create a habit. When we think positively we create a good energy in ourContinue reading “Affirmations -The Mirror of My Mind”

Daily Meditation Equals Daily Calm

Dadi Janki is 101 and has been studying Raja yoga meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris since she was 18 years old.  If you see her personally – you can understand the magic of meditation – THE MAGIC! As you know I meditate everyday and I recommend it to all.  In Jan 2017 I amContinue reading “Daily Meditation Equals Daily Calm”