Affirmations -The Mirror of My Mind

Affirmations are away of making our mind stronger. They are away to visualize and manifest  health, wealth, and happiness in our life.     When  we write an affirmation and repeat it a several times, magic starts to happen. To repeat something  is to create a habit. When we think positively we create a good energy in ourContinue reading “Affirmations -The Mirror of My Mind”

Daily Meditation Equals Daily Calm

Dadi Janki is 101 and has been studying Raja yoga meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris since she was 18 years old.  If you see her personally – you can understand the magic of meditation – THE MAGIC! As you know I meditate everyday and I recommend it to all.  In Jan 2017 I amContinue reading “Daily Meditation Equals Daily Calm”

Silence & Silent

Silence is my Home, Silent is my Life, Silence is my Strength, Silent is my Mind, Silence is my Home, Silent is my breath, Silence is my sweet voice, Silence is my Home, Silent is my Mind. Thanks for stopping by, like, comment, share or subscribe. © 2016 Related Posts Songs Deep Silence –Continue reading “Silence & Silent”

Don’t Go to bed with a Heavy Heart

Don’t go to bed with a Heavy Heart.  Give your burdens to the Supreme.  Have faith in yourself and your ability to manage and manifest a beautiful future.   Put a full stop on the thoughts of today that have caused you pain.  Trust that everything is going to be alright.  Trust in yourself that itContinue reading “Don’t Go to bed with a Heavy Heart”