I Refuse to be Disturbed – I Promise to Keep my Peace

I refuse to be disturbed or unhappy because of the bad intentions or bad vibes of others. Their opinion is theirs and they are entitled to it. It is not the way I see things or see myself. I promise to myself to keep my peace. I let go immediately of any pain. I haveContinue reading “I Refuse to be Disturbed – I Promise to Keep my Peace”

Time to Meditate – Meditation Commentary – Releasing Anger

None of us would ever admit we get angry in public.  But, we all know we do a little. This is a beautiful meditation that will help you rethink anger. I would suggest listen to it with a pen and paper first and take notes.  Then, actually meditate to it.  Even book mark to comeContinue reading “Time to Meditate – Meditation Commentary – Releasing Anger”

Don’t Let Negativity Rule You! ** Repost **

  To go into despair, is easy. To wish life was different, is easy. To be negative, is easy. To give up, is easy. To be lazy, is easy. To live with no aim, is easy. To blame, is easy. To Judge, is easy. To take responsibility, is hard! To take ownership of my life,Continue reading “Don’t Let Negativity Rule You! ** Repost **”

Becoming You. LIVE to your fullest

Becoming you. Becoming me. Becoming the person you are today. Planting the seeds today to become what you will be tomorrow. From the day we are born, to going to school, to going to work, to….where we are now, we are always becoming.. To happy times, to sad times,  we are becoming. To the hardContinue reading “Becoming You. LIVE to your fullest”

Thought for Today – Fairness

“Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself – that is my doctrine” – Thomas Paine We may judge others, and we judge ourselves. Are we kind in that judgement? Are the biased we hold for ourselves the same for others? Kindness, compassion and humility are qualities that we wantContinue reading “Thought for Today – Fairness”

Thoughts Impact our Health and the World. ** repost**

Dr Masura Emoto did some experiments on water and below is a video of his experiments, a few of his quotes and  picture of the beautiful crystal in water and the not so beautiful crystal in water.  Sadly, Dr Emoto passed away 17th October 2014, but his work is brilliant and it proves how ourContinue reading “Thoughts Impact our Health and the World. ** repost**”