The Secret to A Successful Day – The To Do List

When do you make your To-Do List? I have always done my ‘to do list’ the night before.It has always been the task I do before leaving work for the day. It will always be the last task I do each workday. This way, I start the next day knowing what I need to do,Continue reading “The Secret to A Successful Day – The To Do List”

Goal Setting Booklet

2020 is almost over, but Covid-19 is still here. We might feel what is the point of setting goals and aiming for anything. But, as long as we are alive we have to live. Therefore, we need to live it to our best and highest potential. We are what we think. Happiness and sadness isContinue reading “Goal Setting Booklet”

Instruments of Peace — A Prayer by St. Francis of Assisi.

I am always drawn to this song, which is actually a Prayer – A Prayer of Peace by St. Francis of Assisi. We pray, pray, pray🙏 Lyrics of the prayer————————————-Lord, Make us instruments of your peace,Where there is hatred, let your love increaseLord, make us instruments of your peace,Walls of pride and prejudice shall ceaseWhenContinue reading “Instruments of Peace — A Prayer by St. Francis of Assisi.”

I Refuse to be Disturbed – I Promise to Keep my Peace

I refuse to be disturbed or unhappy because of the bad intentions or bad vibes of others. Their opinion is theirs and they are entitled to it. It is not the way I see things or see myself. I promise to myself to keep my peace. I let go immediately of any pain. I haveContinue reading “I Refuse to be Disturbed – I Promise to Keep my Peace”

Phenomenal Women

Phenomenal Women a Poem – by Maya Angelou 1928–2014 Maya Angelou’s poetry is so fierce and bold, it breaks the stereotypes of women the world holds. She has written and spoken her poetry. When you hear her recite, or read the word; the tears that we shed as women stop in their tracks, and stirContinue reading “Phenomenal Women”