Thougth for the Day – Unique!

Stop striving to fit in. Unique is who you are.Unique, is who you will always be. © 2022 We are all Unique. We are not meant to be the same. Be proud of your uniqueness. Stop trying to fit in. Stop Comparing yourself to others, be you and be happy to be You. Note:Continue reading “Thougth for the Day – Unique!”

Thought of the day – What’s Wrong With Me?

The only thing that was ever wrong with me was my belief that there was something wrong with me – Glennon Doyle This quote came on my Instagram feed yesterday. It resonated with me, and I almost cried. I can’t say I spent my whole life in this state of thinking. But, I did spendContinue reading “Thought of the day – What’s Wrong With Me?”

Thought for today – Stop

Don’t give energy to your enemies. You might have no enemies but people who cause you pain. Don’t keep watering the pain.Let there be a drought in your thoughts and the energy you give towards that person or situation. Let it dry out.Stop watering it.Stop feeding it.Let it dry out, wilt and be no more.Continue reading “Thought for today – Stop”

Quote of The Day – Authenticity

I am currently reading “How To Write Non-Fiction” by Joanna Penn, and she shared this quote. In this chapter, she shares that authors should have a boundary regarding how much of their private life they share. She says to share, be authentic, be genuine but don’t share everything. I am drawn to this quote asContinue reading “Quote of The Day – Authenticity”

You Can Face Anything.

Life is one big test paper. Not a test paper to fail. But a test paper to pass. Sometimes, things feel impossible. Sometimes we feel like we have made a mistake. And sometimes we feel, we are never going to resolve or get to the bottom of this. We get hopeless and want to giveContinue reading “You Can Face Anything.”