Eclectic Rejuvenation

Most of you who have been following me for some time know that my frequency of blogging has slowed down due to life (you can read more here). Taking things slowly has really helped me to create the space I need to look after the life stuff. I don’t think I realised how much IContinue reading “Eclectic Rejuvenation”

Courage – Get up each time you fall

The true measure of your courage is not whether your reach your goal – it’s whether you decide to get back on your feet no matter how many times you’ve failed. – Oprah Winfrey You see we should not see life as success or failure, passed or failed. We should just see life as oneContinue reading “Courage – Get up each time you fall”

Monday Inspiration. Be Mentored by the Wisdom of Maya Angelou.

Life is hard, but there are many surviours of life.  They share their story and wisdom.  Our thoughts shape us. Our life experiences shape us. How we deal with life shapes us. Getting up when we fallen, or life has stabbed us, is our inner strength. We should always get up and make ourself strong.Continue reading “Monday Inspiration. Be Mentored by the Wisdom of Maya Angelou.”

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life – {Podcast/Youtube}

Since 2016 My blog’s tagline was ” Change your thoughts change your life”. I was unaware that Dr W Dyer had actually written a book with this title. So, I changed my tagline to “Change your thoughts and transform your life”. When I learnt that, how I think impacts my sadness, happiness and health. ItContinue reading “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life – {Podcast/Youtube}”