Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? [YouTube/Podcast]

Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? Do we look forward to tomorrow?  Do we get stuck in the past?   Do we regret? Do we fear?  Do we worry?  Do we say, I will do it tomorrow? Do we succumb to procrastination, laziness, fear, carelessness and the feeling of being overwhelmed? With all ofContinue reading “Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ? [YouTube/Podcast]”

Reconnect with Your Values [Podcast /Youtube]

I create another Podcast/Youtube video -sharing my thoughts on Values. I hope these thoughts inspire you. I share some video notes below the video – if you want to refer to them. Let me know what you think of the video and thoughts. It would be lovely if you subscribe to my Youtube channel. MyContinue reading “Reconnect with Your Values [Podcast /Youtube]”

Don’t Go to bed with a Heavy Heart [YouTube]

I first wrote this blog post in 2016. It is one of my top posts that is read and searched. I have created a YouTube reading of this, should you want to hear it. The original post is below the video. Don’t go to bed with a Heavy Heart.  Give your burdens to the Supreme. Continue reading “Don’t Go to bed with a Heavy Heart [YouTube]”

Thought for Today – Get up

A child falls, after a little cry, they get up and carry on as if they never fell down. As adults, we must not forget to get up when we fall. We need to get up and brush ourselves offCarry onAfter a little cry Perfection doesn’t exist.Failure is not a failureIt is a learningThat allowsContinue reading “Thought for Today – Get up”