Online Creative Newsletter #1 2023 Out Now

Hi Friends, I am happy to announce that my first Online Creative Newsletter for 2023 was just sent to everyone on my newsletter – happy reading, and I really hope you enjoy it. Topics How you can use native and non-native tools free of charge to create a social media presence, even when you areContinue reading “Online Creative Newsletter #1 2023 Out Now”

The Power of Daily Routines / Habits 2023

Our Routines will Save us when times are hard. They say a tidy desk is conducive to a productive day.   That can be said for a tidy house.  If your living space is a mess, paper, clothes, and stuff everywhere, you will feel dis-organised and in a mess, irritated or even frustrated all the time.  Continue reading “The Power of Daily Routines / Habits 2023”