Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind – The Power of the Full STOP. We are what we think.  We are what happens to us.  When we let pain in and get disturbed by it, we lose our inner peace, and we get hurt.   We repeat the pain by think about it.  Again, I say we are what we … Continue reading Peace of Mind

Meditation Commentary – Spiritual Health

This is a beautiful meditation commentary, that I hope helps you feel you as the Soul.  The Soul a point of the light, sitting in the middle of the forehead in between the eyes. I the Soul am a point of light.  The true quality of I the Soul are:  Peace, Purity, Wisdom, Joy and … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Spiritual Health

Daily Intention – Honesty

What is an Intention? An intention is the focus in which we live our life, our day, our week or our seconds. Without an intention we have no clear aim to direct our life with.  We just bounce around  experiencing this that and the other. For example, eating out, cinema, other stuf, and then we … Continue reading Daily Intention – Honesty

Blogging Update – Returning to Blogging

Hi Friends, Life is still busy and work is still busy, and I can see myself never returning to blogging.  I am currently working on  key element to a project and it will keep me busy upto Christmas and beyond.  Therefore, I have changed my blogging schedule to  TWO  posts a week " When I … Continue reading Blogging Update – Returning to Blogging

Thought For The Day & Update

Hi Friends,  So I am still on a blogging break.  Missing you all.  My  break from blogging is likely to stretch into September.  Work and life a bit...😅🤗 I am still active on Instagram, but, that is slowed down too.  Today,  I saw this and somehow  downloaded it from instagram to share with you all. … Continue reading Thought For The Day & Update

Taking A Break

Dear Friends,   Life, work , etc has got a bit crazy and I don't think right now I can keep to my regular blogging schedule, so I am taking a blogging break for a few weeks to early September, by which time I should completed my work deadline and a few life deadlines. I … Continue reading Taking A Break

Meditation Commentary – On Peace (Longer Meditation)

Linked below is an extremely powerful meditation on Peace by Sister Denise.  Sister Denise is a very power meditator.  This is my favourite meditation, it just takes you into peace. Meditation helps us re-discover our self and our inner peace.  Meditation is free from rituals and mantras. All the meditation I share have been created … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – On Peace (Longer Meditation)

Picking your Battles

Picking your Battles Actually, is there any point in battling at all? Water is poured on a fire, to put it out. So, then when you are in face of a verbal storm, then what is the ‘water’ you can use to put out the storm? Like a tree in a storm, it bends, it … Continue reading Picking your Battles

Quotes 2018, 29

Here are this weeks quote, albeit a bit late..  I almost didn't post today,  life has got a tad busy..  anyway managed to find some time, so enjoy.... Happy August!        

Meditation Commentary – Getting out of the Cage

The pain in our life, can trap us in a cage of negative thoughts.  As we look for a solution, the cage gets tighter and seems impossible to escape from. This is a beautiful meditation commentary, that I hope helps us release from the cage ... This meditation was created by Release Your Wings - … Continue reading Meditation Commentary – Getting out of the Cage