Meditation Commentary -Creating Pure Karmas

Dear Friends,   It is Wednesday here on my blog, the day I share a weekly meditation commentary.  Today's commentary is from release your wings youtube channel (it is my fav channel). So, I have a created a three part series on karma on my blog, quite light touch links included later in this post. Karma … Continue reading Meditation Commentary -Creating Pure Karmas

Thought For Today

Dear Friends, As I always say what we think about makes us happy or sad.  I add to this, what we think about also makes us,  either determined or lazy , courageous or fearful. What we think and feel, creates our behaviours and our habits.  We are what we think, feel, and we are our … Continue reading Thought For Today

Thought For Today

IF someone says something negative and I allow it to enter me and take my own happiness away, that is my weakness. - Dadi Janki from Inside Out Book

Life Lessons – Teaching you…

Life Lessons – Teaching you… Anything that annoys you, is teaching you Patience. Anyone who abandons you, is teaching you how to stand up on your own two feet. Anything that angers you, is teaching you forgiveness and compassion. Anything that has power over you, is teaching you to take back power. Anything you hate, … Continue reading Life Lessons – Teaching you…

Thought for Today

Don't let yourself down, by being lazy and dreaming life away.  Get up and do.  Make things happen, baby step by baby step.  Be your own coach, your own mentor, be great. It is just a thought and an action away. Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet of Emotions & Resilience – What Changes are You … Continue reading Thought for Today

Quotes to Make you Ponder and Wonder

It is that time of the week again, it is quote time.  I almost wasn't going to post, because I have an almighty head cold and a cold  in general.  I want to sleep but cant cause my nose is blocked...  ooooh pity me... let me remind myself this too shall pass.  Right now it … Continue reading Quotes to Make you Ponder and Wonder

Be Inspired & Mentored by the Wisdom of Maya Angelou.

Life is hard, but there are many surviours of life.  They share their story and wisdom.  And then you get youtubers who compile their  lives top 10, and bring to us a beautiful summary of wisdom in a nutshell.  That we can listen to and implement into our life.   This is a personal favourite of … Continue reading Be Inspired & Mentored by the Wisdom of Maya Angelou.