New Schedule – Update

Hi Friends, I think, well I hope my life is going to resume some normality in the next few weeks.  Based on this prediction, I think I can resume weekly quotes - yeah.    However, the quotes will be on Friday not Saturday,  lets see how it goes. © 2017 thoughtsnlifeblog

Meditation Commentary , #27 – Intuition

Meditation on Intuition, with this meditation  learn to listen to you, your inner knowledge and wisdom.  This is a beautiful meditation that allows you to awaken your Intuition. It is important to practice meditation daily, I would like to encourage you to add this meditaiton to your favourites, and practice it daily for a week … Continue reading Meditation Commentary , #27 – Intuition

Blessings Everywhere

  Blessings Everywhere In every aspect of life there are blessings. Change your attitude towards a situation and you will see the blessing in everything, including the horrible stuff. When you look for blessings, even at difficult times, you stop your mind from overthinking a problem and making it worse. When you see problems in … Continue reading Blessings Everywhere

Quotes #22, 2017

Dear Friends and Quote Lovers,  This is a bonus post for you all.   I am thinking of returning to weekly quotes sharing between 3 to 6 a week on my blog post.  Because,  I sense a lot of you might be missing them.  Now,  I am still busy in life so do i share weekly … Continue reading Quotes #22, 2017

Meditation Commentary, #26 – Stillness

Meditation is like charging, recharging the Soul.   We charge the body with food, exercise, water and sleep daily.  But, we forget I the Soul.   We religiously charge are mobile phones but we fail to recharge I the Soul.  Meditation is the recharge we need, we need it daily, not just once a day.  However, once … Continue reading Meditation Commentary, #26 – Stillness

Quotes #21,2017

I used to post quotes weekly, every Saturday until I changed my blogging schedule.  The last weekly quotes post was 22nd July.   Then, I posted a quote post on 13th August 2017.   I didn't realise it was so long ago.  I guess this is because I am always posting on instagram, that,  I forgot how … Continue reading Quotes #21,2017

Meditation Commentary #25, 2017 -Being At Peace A Time For Healing

DEAR friends,  I am reblogging an old meditation,  I have quite busy to write a brand new post, so this is an oldie goldie..   Please click on the source and you will be taken to the original post and you can hear and try out the meditation. This is a beautiful meditation.   For … Continue reading Meditation Commentary #25, 2017 -Being At Peace A Time For Healing