Stroll – Visualization

When I think of the word stroll I always visualize walking along a  beach front promenade, feeling the warm sea breeze washing over me.  The sun blazing through the parasol and healing all the aches and pains.   Aha, what a beautiful visualization.  Where you also transported to the beach front? […]

Success – The Greatest …..

The Greatest mistake – Giving Up The Greatest crippler – Fear The Greatest Handicap – Ego The Greatest Potent Force – Positive * Acknowledgement to Author: Unknown source   – these are not my words, but I love them. Blog post part of the Professional / Career Development Skills. Please like, […]


Gratitude!  Changing  Negative to Positive. Today, I lie in bed recovering from an upset tummy.   Yesterday, was spent running back and forth from the bathroom.   How totally glamorous!   I kid […]