Welcome to My Services Page

Welcome to my services page – which reflects my many interests.

As a blogger on, I feel I can understand the uniqueness of being a blogger on the community spirit, the helpfulness, and also some of the pains we feel with blogging. There is no other blogging platform like, I know I have tried.

So let’s talk about me and my services

I have created a few video’s and blog posts that help us use social media or efficiently – all free. Also, I have created a Free newsletter.

I offer a paid services for the creation of Graphics in and some bloggers have used this service and have been happy with it. The service offers some fixed priced items or a bespoke price for bespoke work. All prices are reasonable. What makes me a good choice for your graphic’s creation: – well I am a fellow blogger on, I understand the quirks of WordPress, also I understand we all struggle with social media.

As time goes by I want to create services/courses on being positive and working through difficult thoughts. Maybe even on Canva or Mailchimp.

Oh yeah, I’m Bella read about me, in case you are new to me and my blog. And if you want to know about my back story in terms of my services read here

The Services we offer

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Graphics Services and Bespoke free ebook(pdf)Services

Creation of Graphics in For your blog post, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites.

I recently created a free- ebook (PDF) using a combination of and word. This work was completely bespoke. The cover was created in canva – see here. The PDF ebook, the book has been offered free but exclusively by the blogger – click here to read more. <<Nov 2021>>

I am self-trained. I use as my graphics tool, but an also use micrsoft publisher and word.

I offer this graphics service as your fellow blogger, who understands the time and effort that goes into the creation of good graphics, or pdf -ebooks, as well as the creation of blog posts. Most of the time we can fit it all in. But, sometimes we need help – I hope I can be that help.

These designs are created in, the elements used will be under their non-exclusive licence.

As well as the fixed price elements below, I offer bespoke graphic services. Details can be discussed for either option.

I can create graphics for Instagram, Twitter and these can be used on your blog – click here for more information.

I create graphics for other social media platforms as well.

I can create 5 single graphics (for Instagram or Twitter ) for £10.00. Remember you can use the Instagram design on your blog or twitter site (i.e. multiple places).

5 Graphics for £10

5 Graphics created using non-exclusive licence


Or £2.50 for one simple single Instagram or Twitter design. Remember you can use the Instagram design on your blog or twitter site (i.e. multiple places).

1 Graphic for £2.50

1 Graphic using canva’s non exclusive license.


I can create graphics for pinterest, and your blog. These designs are created in, the elements used will be under their non-exclusive licence.

Prices for these can be discussed.

Contact Form is below.

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I will be expanding to include more content on thoughts, positivity and follow the content of the blog.

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Service C – coming soon

This is a place holder for courses. These courses maybe self-paced or maybe a combination of one -to -one /or self paced. Or paid monthly subscription to support this blog.

These maybe to do with

Positive thinking

Managing our thoughts

Mailchimp – as i learn more about mailchimp through my newsletter

Let’s make something beautiful together.