Thoughts for the Week

Hi Friends, I thought I would share a video with you all. A few thoughts to assist in the week ahead, or any ime. Affirmation and positive thinking really help us to change our mindset, and they help us rewire our automatic thoughts. They help us master our life even when things are hard. IContinue reading “Thoughts for the Week”

Thought For Today. RE-

Every day is a new day, a new start.. Every second is a new. Always start again. Always pick yourself up again and again. Things may feel tough now, but it will pass. Whatever life is, we always have the opportunity to Re-Start! Re-focus, re-ser, re- emerge, re-new, etc. But never re-wind just learn andContinue reading “Thought For Today. RE-“

Affirmation for Today

Affirmation are a positive and powerful statement, that we can use to manifest and change our life. When repeated several times on a daily basis’s magic can happen. I say this because I have seen it in my life practically. I personally practice affirmation with pen and paper in hand. I will write the affirmationContinue reading “Affirmation for Today”