Thoughts on – Constant

I am dependable to myself and others.I am constant.I am resolute in my care and kindness.I am steadfast in my character.I am tenacious in achieving my goals.I am constant.I am real. Temporary goals or words never deceive me.I am discerning and wise.I am calm and tolerant.I am constant. I am bright and beautiful.I am wiseContinue reading “Thoughts on – Constant”

Monday Affirmation

Affirmations help us manifest in life. Affirmations help with anxiety. Affirmations help with a lack of confidence. Affirmations rewire our brain. When an affirmation is repeated 7 times in a row 3 times a day for at 21 days to 30 days or longer. You manifest good into your life. You gain courage and confidence.Continue reading “Monday Affirmation”

What we think we manifest.

Every thought, word we think or speak we manifest. This is how affirmations work. Affirmation are positive statements. However, the thoughts of pain, speaking to others of our pain will manifest even more pain. Gossiping not only wastes time as we have done anything productive , it will manifest more negative events in our life.Continue reading “What we think we manifest.”

Friday Thought of the Day – To live- – Life

To live you must live. Laziness, fear, worry , procrastination is not living. Stubbornness, ego, arrogance, jealous, anger or hate is not living. Living is to be independent and interdependent It is to be like the birds at the break of dawn singing their song. The squirrel jumping finding food and exploring. To live weContinue reading “Friday Thought of the Day – To live- – Life”

Let’s Be Positive

Outwardly we wash our hands, keep a distance, sneeze or cough into our arm. Inwardly, we fear, panic, stress, worry, suffer,get overwhelmed. Our vibrations are powerful. If we have negative thoughts then we create a negative aura and vibration. Which nature picks up on. The opposite is true , if we have positive thoughts andContinue reading “Let’s Be Positive”