A Meditation After a Hard Day

There are days we come home shattered, and exhausted. Too tired to eat, too tired to meditate. But, that is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. No matter what the day is like or how tired we feel we must eat, we must meditate only then will we find energy and strength. SoContinue reading “A Meditation After a Hard Day”

Thoughts and Affirmations To make us feel Stronger, Assertive, Calm and Humble [YouTube/Podcast]

Our Thoughts and feelings set our moods and outlook on life. Sometimes, we get ourselves in a negative rut. We can change our thoughts and feelings. We can make ourselves feel stronger, assertive, calm or humble We can change and reprogram our automatic negative thoughts and become more positive. In this video, I share someContinue reading “Thoughts and Affirmations To make us feel Stronger, Assertive, Calm and Humble [YouTube/Podcast]”

Set Yourself Free from Negative Self-talk with Daily Affirmations [YouTube-Podcast]

An affirmation is a statements that is positive, and starts I am… It helps to rewire out thoughts into a more positive state.

Affirmations – I am Peace, I am Peaceful [Podcast – Youtube]

Hello Friends, Those who have been visiting my blog for some time will know I love Affirmation. Affirmations are positive “I am” statements. They are extremely powerful when repeated like lines, several times a day, for twenty-one days or longer. They help us rewire our negative automatic thoughts to ones that are more positive. TheyContinue reading “Affirmations – I am Peace, I am Peaceful [Podcast – Youtube]”