How to Manage Your Comments Easily and Smartly.

Hi Fellow users, I created this ‘How To’ video which first appeared on the August Newsletter and my Youtube Channel about three to four weeks ago. You may wish to subscribe to the Newsletter or the Youtube channel to be one of the first to get exclusive videos hot of the press. The VideoContinue reading “How to Manage Your Comments Easily and Smartly.”

How to Add your Name or Copyright on your photos.

Dear Friends, I was requested to create this how to video, so I hope it helps you. This video uses MSPaint, MSWord and Windows 10 as these are the tools I have. At the end of the video, I discuss how you can write your name on your photos on an android phone as well.Continue reading “How to Add your Name or Copyright on your photos.”

Update – On Tracking Your Statistics.

At the end of May 2020 I wrote a post on the topic of ‘Understanding and Tracking Your ‘ Statistics (see the link to that blog post below). With that post I included excel spreadsheets that you could use to track your daily statistics for the month of June 2020. These are the exactContinue reading “Update – On Tracking Your Statistics.”