A Blogging Tip -Pre-Schedule Posts How many Weeks In advance? ** Repost **

Hi Friends, I published this post on 11 March 2018. I kept up with what I shared on here for about 15 Months or more. Then, I just posted as and when. There are many benefits in prescheduling and having a editorial calendar for blogging it helps to keep you organised and it frees upContinue reading “A Blogging Tip -Pre-Schedule Posts How many Weeks In advance? ** Repost **”

Blogging Tips: Scheduling on Twitter Made Easy and Free with TweetDeck

Dear Friends, A lot of people are users of twitter already. Some of you may be scheduling your tweets already, and some of you may not be. I would like to introduce to you tweetdeck a free tool that allows you both to tweet and schedule tweets. It is very easy to use. Product :    TWEETDECK   Continue reading “Blogging Tips: Scheduling on Twitter Made Easy and Free with TweetDeck”

WordPress.COM – NEW Block Editor – My First Attempt and Thoughts

Today, I thought I would finally play around with Gutenberg the New Editor by WordPress.com. Additionally, I hear the classic editor will be discontinued in 2020, so I better get learning it now, and I thought you might find it interesting too. What better way of showing you what it can do by making thisContinue reading “WordPress.COM – NEW Block Editor – My First Attempt and Thoughts”

Blogging Questions To You?

Hi Friends, I want to ask you a few questions on blogging.  I ask because I can’t figure out the Answers.   I have tried so hard to find answers but nothing makes sense to me.  So to all the bloggers out there here my cry, please share your experiences, thoughts, wisdom , ups andContinue reading “Blogging Questions To You?”

Blogging Etiquette

Dear Friends, this is a repost of an old blog post.  I am republishing it as I have a lot of new followers who are very new to blogging.   To you I say, this post are my personal views.  I urge you to research more about blogging and the rules and there are someContinue reading “Blogging Etiquette”

Blogging Tip – Copyright

I am no expert,  but I share with you what I know.  I strongly suggest you do your own research for your country. I am based in the UK,  therefore I share the rules for the UK, but this link explains or links to copyright in other countries:  https://www.gov.uk/copyright. Why should you copyright? You spendContinue reading “Blogging Tip – Copyright”