Blogging Etiquette

Dear Friends, this is a repost of an old blog post.  I am republishing it as I have a lot of new followers who are very new to blogging.   To you I say, this post are my personal views.  I urge you to research more about blogging and the rules and there are some … Continue reading Blogging Etiquette

Blogging Tip – Copyright

I am no expert,  but I share with you what I know.  I strongly suggest you do your own research for your country. I am based in the UK,  therefore I share the rules for the UK, but this link explains or links to copyright in other countries: Why should you copyright? You spend … Continue reading Blogging Tip – Copyright

Blogging Etiquette

Blogging Etiquette Call me old school but I believe in manners.  I will always get up and offer my seat to someone older than me, I will always sit in a polite manner on public transport ,  I will never ask someone their age or salary. Old school I am. My Personal Blogging Etiquette I … Continue reading Blogging Etiquette

A Blogging Tip -Pre-Schedule Posts How many Weeks In advance?

A Blogging Tip -Pre-Schedule Posts How many Weeks In advance? Hi Friends,   Sometime in March  2018 I will be celebrating two years of blogging.  Some of you may say wow.  But,  honestly,  I have been all over the place with blogging, I have loads of bad blogging habits for example:- Doing an entire blog post … Continue reading A Blogging Tip -Pre-Schedule Posts How many Weeks In advance?

Blogging Tip – Editorial Calendar

This is a great post that helps us bloggers figure out how to plan, how to juggle life and blogging.  If you have been blogging even for a little while, I am sure you have struggled to find time for it all. This is a great post , be sure the click on the link … Continue reading Blogging Tip – Editorial Calendar