Blogging Etiquette

Dear Friends, this is a repost of an old blog post.  I am republishing it as I have a lot of new followers who are very new to blogging.   To you I say, this post are my personal views.  I urge you to research more about blogging and the rules and there are someContinue reading “Blogging Etiquette”

Blogging Tip – Copyright

I am no expert,  but I share with you what I know.  I strongly suggest you do your own research for your country. I am based in the UK,  therefore I share the rules for the UK, but this link explains or links to copyright in other countries: Why should you copyright? You spendContinue reading “Blogging Tip – Copyright”

Blogging Etiquette

Blogging Etiquette Call me old school but I believe in manners.  I will always get up and offer my seat to someone older than me, I will always sit in a polite manner on public transport ,  I will never ask someone their age or salary. Old school I am. My Personal Blogging Etiquette IContinue reading “Blogging Etiquette”

A Blogging Tip -Pre-Schedule Posts How many Weeks In advance?

Blogging is not easy at all, followers don’t just happen, topics don’t just appear in your head and life happens meaning the blog suffers. I have tired an editorial /scheduled calendar many times. I have tried to schedule my post a week in advance many times. I have failed and succeeded. I had an internalContinue reading “A Blogging Tip -Pre-Schedule Posts How many Weeks In advance?”