NonFiction November 2022 – Week 1

I started to blog in 2016 to share my thoughts on thoughts and life. I have never been much of a reader or writer.  Blogging opened my eyes to #NaNoWriMo. Which left me thinking, what about Nonfiction? I am a nonfiction fan, mainly self-help, memoirs and contemplative books. I have read a few fiction booksContinue reading “NonFiction November 2022 – Week 1”

6 Books That Helped Me in My Career Lows!

The Back Story I have had a successful career and still do. I am degree educated, and I have had multiple successful jobs from very small companies, local industries to multinational. I have to say I love working for multinationals as you get to work with colleagues all around the world and different time zones.Continue reading “6 Books That Helped Me in My Career Lows!”