6 Books That Helped Me in My Career Lows!

The Back Story I have had a successful career and still do. I am degree educated, and I have had multiple successful jobs from very small companies, local industries to multinational. I have to say I love working for multinationals as you get to work with colleagues all around the world and different time zones.Continue reading “6 Books That Helped Me in My Career Lows!”

It Is Never Too Late To Achieve Your Dreams!

Hello Friends, It has been a while since I shared an inspirational youtube video, so I thought I would share a recent video from Brian Tracy. It is never too late to achieve your dreams or reinvent yourself. These are useful tips to inspire you to make whatever happen in your life. Hope you enjoyContinue reading “It Is Never Too Late To Achieve Your Dreams!”

Success – We can all be successful

How do we measure success?  Well, success to you will be different to me!  I can not compare myself to another, firstly because we are all unique, and success is different for all.     No one is better than the another. We are all unique and we are all successful in our own right. The thingContinue reading “Success – We can all be successful”

The Power of Follow Through, Tenacity and approachability

As I was leaving one work place, I ask for feedback on my work from three of my bosses/ customers.   They used the words like tenacity, follow through, friendly, likeable.    They expressed, that when I am given a task I don’t just do it for that meeting,   I do it until the right resolution (orContinue reading “The Power of Follow Through, Tenacity and approachability”