What is the point of being Negative ? Seriously?

What is the point of being Negative ? This is a serious question, that you need to ask yourself! Why is being negative such a automatic way to be ? Why get hurt if someone is rude to you? Is it really Natural? Really is it? Negativity, makes us sad, moody and depressed. When weContinue reading “What is the point of being Negative ? Seriously?”

Do Yourself a Favour – Let Go!

Do Yourself a Favour – Let Go! If something hurts you,  Let it go immediately. Don’t let it penetrate your heart and poison your mind, and steal your peace and calm. Do yourself a favour and let go of it immediately. For the seed of pain will grow into some sort of health issue, emotionalContinue reading “Do Yourself a Favour – Let Go!”


Gratitude!  Changing  Negative to Positive. Today, I lie in bed recovering from an upset tummy.   Yesterday, was spent running back and forth from the bathroom.   How totally glamorous!   I kid you not.   At that time I felt I was dying, and it was not a pleasant sight.    I know that most of us  have  experiencedContinue reading “Gratitude”