Don’t get too comfortable, it might be dangerous for you!

How Comfortable are You? Life happens slowly and steadily. Sometimes in that slow steady state of life, we get comfortable. We don’t even noticed in our comfort that we are missing out on opportunities. That we are becoming stagnant. Instead of growing we fall into deterioration. In his book Follow Your Heart, Andrew Matthews speaksContinue reading “Don’t get too comfortable, it might be dangerous for you!”

Thoughts For Today – Comfort Zone

Don’t get so comfortable in your comfort zone, that you miss out learning new things, growing, and discovering how amazing you are.  When we get comfortable we create excuses, not to venture out and grow.  We get stuck. Staying in your comfort zone is easy, it is lazy living, it creates anger and fustration becauseContinue reading “Thoughts For Today – Comfort Zone”

Quotes 2018, 2

Here are this week’s quote selection and I hope they make us (including me) ponder and inspire us to step into our full potential. Do not let hardships leave us on the floor, get up and learn what needs to be learnt, and live again. Encouraging us  to step out of our comfort zone, andContinue reading “Quotes 2018, 2”